Mannequin Displays

TS&B Mannequin Division

The business established a new mannequin division in June 2019, after much research and client request to service this area to compliment our retail display offerings.

We partnered with brands most suited to our broad range of fashion clients to offer a solution for any creative idea.

ABC Mannequins

Established in 1963 in Italy, ABC mannequins are cast from models and dancers, they are truly mannequins with soul. Their added height and detailing make a statement of elegance and luxury.

EuroDisplay Mannequins

Established in 1984 and with over 73 series of poses over Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Speciality and customisation options within these. EuroDisplay has an extensive range on offer. Using eco-friendly fibreglass, each EuroDisplay mannequin comes with a repair and touch up kit to give you further longevity while making an environmental choice for your displays.

Endura Mannequins

Our ABS plastic range is both high strength, durable and eco-friendly with fully recyclable material. Our range of poses and head options allow for greater customisation over Women’s, Men’s and Children’s mannequins. These are also much lower weight and easy to handle in store.

Bespoke Mannequins

Do you have an idea for something particularly unique to your brand? Plastic, fibreglass, wood, custom coloured or textured fabric? We have partnered with the highest quality factories to create from image or brief with reasonable mould costs to achieve your visions within your budget.